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Train For Your Sport: Roller Derby Agility Workout

Roller derby requires a lot of twisting, turning, and torquing.  We are never just skating in a forward direction the whole time.  Therefore, we should incorporate non-linear workouts into our fitness routines.  These types of workouts will help build strength … Continue reading

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Keep your Cool – Even When You Get Smoked in the Face

You know what stinks?  Getting hit in the face. You know what stinks even more?  Getting hit in the face more than once during a bout. Blockers and jammers alike have all had bruised lips, black eyes, velcro burn across … Continue reading

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Your Enemy, aka Endurance

I ran a marathon last weekend.  It was nothing crazy – no PR, no insane finish where I collapsed over the finish line… it was the Walt Disney World Marathon, which meant I took lots of pictures (mostly blurry), saw … Continue reading

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