Looking Ahead: How Are You Preparing For Next Season?

I literally can’t even think of anything but playoffs.  I’ve been focusing so much on being mentally and physically prepared (as well as trying to maintain some semblance of being present at work) that I have not taken the time to write a blog post this week.

But here are some of my recent roller derby thoughts…

1) No matter your level of play, if you aren’t watching playoff footage, you should be.  And not just the top-ranked teams.  I have been so enthralled by watching the level of ability from every team at playoffs.  And there’s no reason not to watch the footage, because the archives are free!

2) Take time right now to reflect on why YOU play derby.  Many teams are starting up their local seasons again and many teams are done with travel season play.  Why do you keep playing?  What do you love about derby?  Do you have regrets from last season that you hope to overcome this season? How are you going to make it a great year?

3) Think about your fitness goals.  Since there isn’t much of an “off season” for many derby players, map out your fitness plan for the next 6-12 months.  Are you going to start strength training hard?  Do you want to add more plyos to your routine?  Plan now so you don’t let it slip between the cracks.

4) Take this time to check out new safety equipment.  Are your knee pads getting a little old? How long have you had your helmet?  Buying new skate gear might be more fun than buying safety gear, but if you get injured just because you were too lazy to get new wrist guards, you might hate yourself a little bit.

5) Speaking of buying new skate gear – there are all kinds of awesome new skates, plates, and wheels on the market!  If you’ve been thinking about investing in something new, post-playoff season is a great time to check out these items.

6) Reconnect with people in your league.  Many of us have either been apart or way too busy to communicate over the summer.  If there are people in your league that you haven’t talked to for a while, reach out to them!  I think every league would be happier if even a few people opened new lines of communication each year.

Enough of my rambling. I’ve got to go “work” (and by “work” I mean watch more roller derby footage…).

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