I Finally Tried CrossFit

I have done many workouts involving elements of CrossFit, and I enjoy constantly moving while doing a strength routine.  Sometimes I would do WODs on my own (WOD stands for workout of the day…) But I have never officially taken a CrossFit class until last week.

I have always been a bit averse to CrossFit because I felt like people were not given enough guidance on proper form and ended up hurting themselves.  It is unfortunate to have friends that can’t play roller derby because of an injury they sustained while “kipping”.  However, I have since learned that not all gyms are the same, and some have very good instructors that make sure you do things correctly.

In case you were wondering, here is the CrossFit Credentials Pyramid from https://training.crossfit.com/:


So if you would like to try out a CrossFit class, you might check the level of the trainer at the gym, especially if you are new to weightlifting.  Someone with a higher level might help ensure you are using proper form during movements.

Although I have had this aversion to CrossFit, I have also felt like I would really enjoy the classes.   I don’t force myself to lift extremely heavy weight on my own, so I also thought it might be a good excuse to get stronger.  It also helps that I live in a small town that just so happened to open a CrossFit gym in the last month.  So I decided to go, since they were offering a free trial class. Gym: CrossFit Skopos

Without going into too much detail, here are my conclusions:

  1. I generally like the classes and the activities I do.
  2. I always seem to be overly sore in some obscure muscle group after a class.
  3. CrossFit is expensive.
  4. I can’t imagine fitting more than 1-2 class a week into my derby training schedule.

Elaborating on #4 above, I think I will continue to do CrossFit classes on occasion for strength and muscle endurance training.  However, there is not much cardio in most CrossFit classes. I know some WODs include running, but  I don’t feel like I can replace my speedwork or long run sessions with CrossFit.  And I’m not about to start working out 2-3 hours EVERY day.

So I’d say try it out if you need motivation to stay in shape, to workout between derby practices, or to learn more about how to get stronger.  However, understand the shortcomings in CrossFit-like workouts and how you might need to add in other workout varieties as well.

Also, I did 93 burpees in 7 minutes at my CrossFit class this week. Now don’t tell me that doesn’t sound fun :).

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2 Responses to I Finally Tried CrossFit

  1. Greg Berube says:

    I think you’ve gotten lucky/unlucky (depending on your point of view) in the classes that you’ve participated in. There are some classes that will leave you totally gassed! I would argue that you looked pretty wiped out after 93 burpees though. 😉

    Regardless, thanks for the write-up! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your time with us so far.


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